Elkhart’s cafe’s bakery is “Off the Rail” with delicious food

Elkhart Lake is a small blooming community full of amazing one of a kind restaurants. The community strives through it’s summertime races as Road America is only a few miles away, however, it’s not the only source of buzz as it’s top notch food is enjoyed by locals year round. Off the Rail, is a more casual approach to the community’s dinning, and is based on the town’s rail line.



Through the duration of my stay (less than an hour), I’ve seen many employees run in and out of the cafe, each offering a bit of their own kind of greeting from “hellos” to simple smiles, far after I’ve been served, creating a lovely and welcoming atmosphere.

However, as I asked an employee for specialty coffee drinks he simply told me they serve many styles of coffees from lattes to mochas-which, should be pretty standard for a cafe. It wasn’t until after I was seated, I had noticed their section of spring themed drinks-which I would have much rather ordered.





I must admit, more often than not I tend to be let down by cafe bakery, or their menus in general, and have quit ordering the over priced sandwiches. However, the bakery is always too hard to resist at least glancing at, and today it paid off with a one-of-a-kind strawberry-banana bread that has topped just about every other bakery goodie I’ve ever had.

However, I was very disappointment in my choice of latte. They have many amazing syrups to try from, and the one that caught my eye was rose-which as elegant as it seems, tastes like old lady perfume. I can’t see many people ordering the flavor, so aside from uniqueness, I’m a bit confused on why they carry it.


Fair Price


Honestly, I feel as if all cafe food is a bit over priced with $7-10 sandwiches and salads, and $4 coffees (as a small), it’s just all a bit expensive for someone like me. However, as far as pricing goes, Off the Rail wasn’t as bad as I expected (a lot of the restaurants in the area have pretty steep prices) and this was pretty standard cafe prices.




Defiantly a place I’d love to come back to, and on my list of places to come back to with my boyfriend, and perhaps a few visits after just to try some more of their bakery. Totally worth it if you’re in the area, or worth the extra drive.


Sheboygan’s Field to Fork (Restaurant Review)

Field to Fork is a small grocer and restaurant, featuring many local and organic foods. The same produce is served in their sister restaurants: Duke of Devon, Il Ritrovo, and Trattitoria Stefano; and as far as clean food goes they’re about the best option around.



Local businesses should strive for communication with the locals, it’s how you build the best restaurant you can; however, although I had sat at the counter (which typically, should be the most social spot) I had received little communication outside of “what can I get you today?”

Despite my quiet meal, the servers were all very nice. My waiter reminded me much of my grandpa, which gave me a small bias towards him, but that was shattered when I discovered he had forgotten to tell me today’s special (which was what I would have ordered, had I known).

On my way out, I grabbed a fudge brownie from the baker’s case, and my favorite waiter (who is always very enthusiastic) complimented my eyes – in a sincere, not-hitting-on-you way, which was the highlight of the whole experience (and probably my whole day).



One of the most unique parts of Field to Fork is their raw juice bar, which, admittedly is a bit intimidating for someone who hasn’t ever had grass in their juice. I find the juices their very delightful (my favorite being ‘the farmer’s daughter’). Today I settle on their ‘spring green’ juice, to match my hopes for an early spring after all our nice winter weather.


It wasn’t bad-however, nothing I’d order again, and lacked enough apple to make it as sweet as I was hoping.

As a family favorite, I was completely disappointed by their breakfast selection; nothing their (aside from clean produce) wasn’t something I couldn’t get at anywhere else around (for half the price), nothing screamed “EAT ME”.

Finally I settled on some breakfast tacos, although, I now regret, considering they weren’t anything I could have scrambled up at home.


The portion size was very small, and both tacos came with an extra tortilla underneath, a smart trick for messy tacos. However, as the tacos were mainly egg (with meat cooked right in), hardly anything fell, leaving me with two plain tortillas.

The tacos lacked diverse flavors, which made the salsa handy-but it could have used an extra layer (like guacamole or sour cream)-without adding another $2 to the bill.

Salsa verde, or tomatillo salsa, as they served was on the more bitter side of things rather than the sweet or spicy it could have provided. Not only was it a not so great flavor, but it’s muddled green color was a bit unappealing.

Hoping to fix my disappointing breakfast, I picked up a peanut butter fudge brownie – which was beautiful, yet lacking the rich fudgey flavor, and had quite dry peanut butter on top. I’m sorry, but Betty Crocker wins this round of desserts.

Fair Price


Because of it’s local and organic produce, the prices were quite jacked up. Which, isn’t anything too surprising but, the food wasn’t worth the price.

The two tiny tacos I had were nearly $7 a piece, and aside from the chorizo stuffed inside the eggs, the meal would be very inexpensive to recreate.

Juice was about $5, which is also pretty expensive for something that wasn’t spiked. However, as I spend about that in coffee daily, I don’t think the pricing was too out there.

Lastly, rather than $.25 sides of sour cream or any other necessary small add-ons, toppings ranged from $1-$2 which seemed extremely high for an already pricey meal.



Sadly, I don’t think I’ll be returning. I have had better experiences there (as they were the birthplace for the love of my favorite burger), the food just really isn’t as good as it could be for the price. However, it’s worth a shot, especially if you’re hankering for something on the more natural side of things.

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