My first coffee love, was an accident.

Prior to high school, my only experience with coffee was a sip of my mom’s black coffee pot coffee-which, to say the least, is a very acquired taste. At that point in time, a single sip was all I needed to vow I wouldn’t drink coffee ever again.

And. For awhile, I didn’t. Until I discovered our school coffee shop.

Often I’d spend mornings picking up hot chocolate before class, as I was not and would not drink coffee. However,  one day, I was a bit more adventurous and tried another drink on the menu (which consisted mainly  of: whipped cream, ice, and caramel, as advertised), how I was shocked to find that my drink also contained coffee. Between disgusted and disappointed reactions I was surprised to find the drink was actually kinda good.

It wasn’t till shortly after that our school’s coffee house was shut down and my first love came to a crumbling end.

Heartbroken, I began my attempts recreate it through orders at our local coffee shop, but was completely unsuccessful. Through my fruitless efforts, I had at least began to become more curious on different coffees, and began to love all different coffees, eventually bringing me to here.

Although cafes aren’t the soul purpose of my blog, my main focus is to discover, review, and share the cafes I journey to. Along the side I hope to travel outside my little bubble of my home town, state, and hopefully even one day outside of my country. Through my travels, I wish to share lifestyle, culture, language, and recipes.


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